Sunday, 10 April 2016

Sally's Dream: a homeless story with hope.

Sally's Dream

With one pair of tired shoes
A blanket and a backpack
To be here she didn't choose
But she cant go back

Memories bravely blanked and filed
Weather getting thankfully mild
The winter really hit her core
But spiteful words they hurt her more.

Her face betrays her battered youth
From 16 months without a roof
Shopping centres move you on
You've done nothing but you just look wrong.

It's 8.15 and getting sunny
Not many people give her money
But one man maybe twice her age
Reaches into her paupers cage

She knew his face from years ago
He drops in a coin and says "hello?"
"Is it you Sally? My God how is this so?"
She stops herself from lying with "No"

This man had left her life when she was eight
Her uncle who her Dad had grown to hate
He didn't like his view on his life
On how he treated his daughter and his wife

Sally missed Uncle Dave so much
But forgot in time how he had been a crutch.
And here was he looking into her eyes
From where tears fell in relief and surprise.

"This stops right now we'll get you home,
You've an aunty now called Anne, who I'll phone
Lets get some lunch and a hot cup of tea.
And then talk about what you need from Anne and me."

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