Wednesday, 22 June 2016

"Escape" by Joanne Oliver, a poem


Life is packed with where's and whens
The what to dos  they never end
The weeks fill up like never before
Technology regulates you more and more
The minds becomes so full it's vacant
Thought escaped thrown out by fresh assailant...


You long for something outside the maelstrom
Somewhere things don't clog your mind's meditation
You've had it now with stress and politics
No one listening everyone talking
Shouting the odds while we're all sleepwalking
Into destruction but no worries, it's just all the humans
There'll be Earth's revolutions and new evolutions
We'll be gone due to our own final solution.


The world will still  turn if we cry or we don't cry
If you just let things go by and love life you'll be fine
That place to escape may not be out there but within you
Take time to forgive all the mistakes and continue
To hold on to those who lines in your lifesong
"There is only the now" said Tom Robinson in his song
I know that to be true past is gone, future is mythical


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