Thursday, 30 June 2016

#gove #may #borisjohnson #corbyn ...messy politics and we will pay for it.

What a mess

Well I don't want Gove, and I don't want May.
Seems like we're screwed by them either way.
We have a choice between the rebirth of Thatcher
And a bloke who looks rather like a child catcher.
As for Boris, it looks like he's out of the race
Like the coward he is with Brexit on his face.
As for Labour I feel no pride in they way they've behaved
The last hope for socialism soundly betrayed.
We're all doomed! Doomed, I say without any rudder
Untill we install the new duplicitous bugger
An the onward we go off the edge of the cliff
steered there 'cos some toffs keep having a tiff.

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