Friday, 28 October 2016

The World Was Brown..#poem #70s #nostalgia

The World Was Brown

Remember when the world was brown?
People still had "nervous breakdowns"?
Polyester was on our backs.
We got 10p taking pop bottles back.

I remember playing with glass
Brown and green jewels broken at the edge of the grass.
On there we played at being pop stars
While creepy blokes cruised by in beige and blue cars.

There was always that "funny" bloke down the street.
We didn't know why but we weren't allowed to speak.
A whole world of weirdness they hid from our minds.
While that freaky blonde pervert on telly patted behinds.
Remember when the world was brown.
I do, and girls were kept right down.
Police women promoted must have been slags.
It had to be true I was told by my dad.
A woman with a clipboard on a building site too.
Telling men who knew better than her, what to do.
I won't say the words that he used for that trainee.
But that little-girl me never forgot and it shames me.

When the world was all brown and the trousers were wide
And a house key could be put under a mat just outside.
TV programmes made fun of the gay or not white,
Or the women, or the short, tall, fat, foreign, or the disabled, all alright!
But there's folk who still hanker for these sepia times.
Do they want all this back plus the brown fashion crimes?
Well I don't, I've been there I'm not going back.
And, I tell you,  no brown can never be, the new black.

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