Monday, 23 January 2017

#icoulddoitbetter (than #trump)

I could do it better

If only to take the heat from the pan

The subject deflects the blame if they can

Not a thought for the victims, the ones who must pay

All that matters is the blame must be wafted away

Enough cash to be brash in the whitewash of truths

Any past misdemeanours pushed aside, just errant youth

We all know what you’re like and we don’t think it’s right

But we don’t quite know how to take up arms to fight

Peaceful protests that dwarf your audacious parades

Those women and men left your day in the shade

Don’t let your arse get too settled in that gold velvet chair

There’s whole world of people know you don’t belong there.

I just hope sense prevails and you are rightfully impeached.

I don’t want any violent conclusion to be reached.

It’s the first time I thought I could do that job better

Than that strange pervy thief with hair like a red setter

I’d be canny as pres, I’d look after the good folk

Yes, even I could do it better than that effin Joke.

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